Food Safari 16: Confusion!

This post was drafted in 2018, but for some reason never finished, or posted. Since I wrote it Confusion has itself closed down, and the building is now the site of the hugely successful Piccolo.

But here’s how I’d started it . . .

Most small towns have a pub and a club, a burger place and maybe a Chinese restaurant. (The only person I know who’s dined at the Chinese told me that one night they ordered a meal over the phone, only to be told that they’d run out of rice. The Chinese restaurant has since closed down.)

The Ridge is no different, and so anything new is enough to get the townsfolk all aquiver with excitement. It doesn’t always work out for the best: the kebab trailer, for example, illustrated perfectly what can happen to street food when it all goes wrong.

When the Snak Shack closed down, there was a void in the hot-chips-and-chicken-salt market, but when the new owners re-opened the doors it was different. Very different. It was …

I know.

Was the chef Greek, skilled in melding cuisines from different parts of the world? Or just a regular Aussie who had no idea what he was doing?

The Ridge did not waste time asking philosophical questions about the place’s name: they flocked there. I mean FLOCKED there.

So one night a few of us flocked there ourselves. We had a bit of a Wednesday night thing going on, a kind of block party / you cook one week and I’ll eat at yours the next. Then we did bad karaoke or played board games. But this week someone had the idea: Confusion!

We loaded up the Bananagrams and headed to Opal Street. We are wild people.

First course: garlic bread, with a triple word score for BAIT DUMP. (But GEASE isn’t a word, Red.)

The food was not confusing, it was actually pretty good. I can’t remember what any of us had, or what our reactions were. You’ll have to zoom in on the photo and BF’s face and make your own judgement. I’m thinking lamb cutlets and “pleased”.

Here’s the chef with the dessert menu, except that this is the one arid and semi-arid zones.

It was nice too, I seem to remember. How many points for GUYS LOVED VAGINA HOES? Hm, Kylie?


It was a grand night, then Red drove us home in the troopie.

Fun times.

But, sadly, no more confusion.

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