Food Safari 16: Hungry Spirit

The Hungry Spirit: where to start?

Well, I could start by writing it correctly: it’s THE Hungry Spirit (all caps) for reasons I can’t work out. Its website has tabs like “Healing” and “Projects” and “Workshops” and so I can’t even begin explain everything that goes on here, you’ll have to click yourself. I’ve been to a Neil Murray concert in the big tin shed there, and food festivals, as well as other weird and wonderful events.

THE Hungry Spriit’s custodians are Michael Matson and Rebel Black, but they’re not the people I was here to see today. It was Saturday lunchtime and we’d been at work all morning. It was time for Thai.

The Ridge is I guess much like any other small town in that food venues come and go. A chef arrives from A Different Town and all of sudden That Place is The Place. In June, Bruno Miglietta (of legendary Bruno’s fame) passed away, and the restaurant bearing his name has since closed. But new blood has arrived in the form of the (yet to be reviewed) Busy Bee and Opal Street cafes.

The Thai at THE Hungry Spirit has a short but complete menu. All the usual favourites are there: pad thai, red curry, papaya salad and steamed fish. The outdoor setting allows for social distancing, but if it gets chilly (as it did on this Saturday) there’s a warm fire in the big shed.

This day we got a selection of starters: curry puffs, satay chicken and fish cakes. Bloody good!

We’ve also, on another day, had the pad thai chicken. Again, thumbs up.

The kitchen itself is a tiny powerhouse. Quite how they do it I don’t know!

They do phone orders during the week too so, if you can’t be bothered schlepping all that looooong way out on the tip road, give ’em a call. Is yum.

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