Last day of Term 2

Oftentimes an idea for a post doesn’t come off.

Oftentimes I take pictures on my phone and use them to remind myself later of a scene or a mood, and sometimes that triggers a post. But sometimes it doesn’t.

This was one of those. It was the last day of Term 2 at the school. Teachers were tired of the kids and the kids were sick to death of the teachers. We went to the pub. (The teachers, not the kids.) It ended up with shots at the bar.

Then afterwards was one of those weird journeys in the courtesy bus along dirt tracks, bouncing around wondering where the bloody hell you are.

Then home, at which point a fire seems like a good idea. Fire is always a good idea.

But for some reason none of it clags together in the way it has to to make a post happen. So the pictures sit there until, some time later, you see them and think, ah, bugger it. And you click “Publish”.

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