Uncle Wal’s Album

Late last year my mother-in-law passed away, and The Wife was burdened with the task of emptying the family home in preparation for its sale. The house was the end-point for several generations of people’s stuff: porcelain ornaments, glassware, books, bric-a-brac. There were many gems among the potch, including a collection of photo albums kept by great-uncle Wal.

Of particular interest was the Pioneer Tour that Wal and a few friends undertook to the north-west in June 1946.


There’s a great view of the Imperial Hotel, which I guess was the forerunner of the Diggers Rest (or one of its many incarnations). I showed the photos to a few folk and Ron identified the Tree of Knowledge (bottom photo).


I wonder who these three old gentlemen are. Are their descendants still living and working around the Ridge? The bottom photo shows what I’m guessing to be the junction of the Castlereagh Highway and the road into the Ridge, in flood.



If anyone has any information on any of these pictures, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Wal’s Album

    1. David, those are gorgeous! After holidays I’ll show them to Ron Morriss. He works at the school as a groundsman now but he was a copper in Bourke for a bazillion years and then was the last landlord of the Diggers Rest (before it burnt down for the third and final time).

      I haven’t had any feedback on names from those old timer’s in Wal’s album but, frankly, it’s been a hectic term and I haven’t been chasing. I’ll make it my Term 3 project!

      Regards, Mark


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